The Edit (Beta)

When you know you’re ready for the next part of your story, it’s because some part of you has shifted. Not the essence of who you are — that is a constant and beautiful thing — but where your focus is now, based on the wisdom you’ve gained from experience. You’ve already done the hard part (evolution isn’t for the faint of heart). Together, we can handle the refining and amplifying.

We’ll provide you with an intensive intake form, and then we’ll start reviewing your existing digital footprint: websites, social media, photos, bios—all the things that tell the world who you are and what you do. On a Zoom call or two, we’ll go over your answers and our findings, and once we have everything we need, we’ll begin creating your Monograph. Your Monograph is a deep-dive description of who you are, what you say, what you do, and how you do it when you’re at your best; updated copy for your online bios and for your choice of 1-3 web pages; and concrete suggestions, recommendations, and best practices for amplifying your reach—including social media platforms, tips, and accounts to follow and, potentially, introductions to like-minded folks we know.

Why would you need a dossier on a topic you happen to be an expert in? Because there is power in being able to see a fully-formed reflection of who we are at our best. Some of us have a hard time holding that image in our minds, and building it up every day takes valuable energy and time. The Monograph is equal parts mirror and guidebook, reminder and action plan.

Participation in the beta testing is US$1,497.
(Post-launch, the price will be $5,000-$8,000.)
Get started by clicking below and typing “The Edit” in the subject line.
We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.
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